CRZ is a Brazilian company with a focus on Legal and Business consulting. It was founded in São Paulo (SP), where its headquarters is currently located, and has two other branches, one in Porto Alegre (RS) and another in the city of Criciúma (SC).

The company's culture is based on European principles. The focus is to serve the client with their legal and business needs, the sale of companies and the search of a possible partner to invest in their business. In addition, CRZ provides assistance to anyone who wants to acquire a company in Brazil and abroad, or seeks a foreign partner, offering the advice of lawyers, accountants, administrators and economists with the highest professional experience. Crz also offers contractual analyzes, national and international, in several segments.

The mission is to serve the client well in all areas of performance, both legal and business, leaving satisfied with the acquisition of services and thus becoming the company's precious jewelry.

We at CRZ Consulting have pleasure in serving you. Come and be one of our customers!

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